Food Storage

When you need dry food storage, CSG 3PL can offer you the safe, secure warehousing your products need to maintain their integrity over time. We provide dry food storage for food suppliers in Australia. Our customers appreciate the fact that our warehouses are built to the highest standards for food storage. Such warehouses are designed to ensure proper ventilation, fire protection, and pest control.

Personal Hygiene And Training

All employees of food-grade storage warehouses must wash their hands with company-provided soap in sinks equipped with hygienic drying systems. New employees must be trained on food safety, personal hygiene, quality awareness, incident and crisis management and traceability

Pest Control

It is essential that rodent, insect, bird, ant, and other animal control substances are placed around the perimeter of the building when necessary. The pest control routine must be updated, and any changes must be noted quarterly.

Sanitation Schedule

All cleaning and housekeeping within the warehouse — including detailed documentation of both — must meet the required standards. The records must be available whenever demanded by management.

First in, first out

To ensure a “first in, first out” method of inventory rotation, our warehouse has a high standard system in place for tracing lot and date codes of products.

Our certifications allow us to offer a higher quality product to our customers.