Storage and Fulfilment

We can provide storage at a price you can afford. We provide palletised storage and itemised storage, so you have the option for overfill storage. In addition, we have a team of experienced fulfilment staff to help you with all of your needs. Whether you have a few pallets for a medium term or you have three hundred pallets for a long term period, CSG3PL has a flexible billing scheme that will cover your needs. We can accept delivery from your freight forwarder or directly from

Inventory Management

Our inventory management software helps you manage shipments and equipment in real time, so you’re always assured of the latest information.

Order Fulfilment

CSG3PL is your fast order fulfilment partner. We will ship any product up to five times faster thanks to our comprehensive distribution centers around the world.

Automated Integration

Our Automated Integration warehouse system makes inventory management a breeze. Its computerized, automated tracking system allows you to pull orders in one seamless process.

CSG3PL can provide Storage, Palletising and Pick and Pack services to a wide range of Australia retailers, manufacturers, and importers. Our services can be adaptable to your exact requirements, from one pallet to multiple pallets every day.