Frequently asked question

Can you fulfil both retail store and eCommerce deliveries?

Yes, CSG3PL can deliver to both eCommerce, traditional retailers, and distribution centers.

Can I view my stock levels, and order status via your web portal in real time?

CSG3PL’s web portal has several features including viewing the status of receipts and orders, including the ability to run real time queries on your inventory levels.

How soon can my business be integrated into CSG3PL and go live?

Typically, client integration on-boarding and testing, can be from one week to a month to complete, however we will work with you to understand your specific requirements and complexity and construct an efficient implementation timeline for your business.

How should I manage my migration period with my customers, suppliers, and stock transfer?

As part of this process, CSG3PL will provide support and a structured migration process and approach, including a strategy for your suppliers and customers.

Does CSG3PL accept returns / provide reverse logistics services?

CSG3PL provides reverse logistics services and can assist in being your selected returns assessment provider. All information regarding a return including matching it to the original customer order, validating all the items returned, including assessing their suitability for resale.

Can I visit my stock at your 3PL warehouse?

CSG3PL aims to make this requirement as easy and effective as possible for both parties, we request that adequate notification (minimum 48 hrs notice in advance) is provided.

Do you conduct stock takes/cycle counts?

CSG3PL offer’s our customers a range of inventory management solutions, including annual stock takes, scheduled rolling cycle counts, or activity driven cycle counting, as per customer and SKU requirements.

Can I deliver my import container to CSG3PL using my logistics provider?

CSG3PL can coordinate your container deliveries for you with our wharf cartage partner, to streamline arrival and unloading in an efficient timely manner, if you prefer.

Will CSG3PL relabel a product which comes without a barcode or with a faulty one?

CSG3PL requires all our customers to maintain a high level of compliance from their designated suppliers, which includes product barcoding and labelling. However, CSG3PL will perform the required labelling, to ensure that your product can be receipted into stock.