If you are a manufacturer, e-commerce entrepreneur, dropshipper, or Amazon FBA seller in Australia then a 3pl partner can take away all of your logistics and fulfilment worries. A third-party logistics (3PL) provider like CSG3PL offers a broad range of such services for these businesses. Here, we will cover 6 major reasons to hire a […]

You must have heard a lot about terms like 3pl, 4pl, and their warehousing, logistics, and value-added services. Here we will go into the details of these terminologies of the logistics world and the difference between the services provided by 3pl and 4pl. What are 3PL companies? 3PL (Third-party logistics) provide multiple arrays of services […]

Contract logistics provider (CLP) services are mainly related to the movement of goods. They are not concerned with inventory management, warehousing, fulfilment, returns, etc. Both 3PL & CLP offer transportation, but their scope of services is too much different. 3PLs cover all the abovementioned services. Understanding the difference between 3PL and Contract logistics is quite […]

For e-commerce businesses, analytics data is the key to understanding their customer behaviour and then taking informed decisions accordingly. When you have the correct information through data analysis, you can make better decisions regarding your business. Here, we’ll dive into the growing field of e-commerce analytics and discuss how merchants can use analytics in their […]

CSG3PL is a Melbourne-based Australian-owned 3PL service provider for businesses that need storage and distribution services for their products. This article is about all things warehousing in Australia with an overview of our warehouse facilities, including our E-Commerce fulfilment centre. What does 3pl Warehousing mean? 3PL (Third-party logistics) management is the process of managing stock, […]

If you are in an E-commerce / Amazon FBA / Dropshipping business or have a retail store in Australia and want to focus on customers and sales, instead of sorting out orders and packing the items all day long then 3pl services are for you. By using the 3PL pick and pack service, you can […]

Shipping logistics refers to the overall supply chain management to get products from the manufacturer or wholesaler to a fulfilment centre for safe keeping as stock. Further, it deals with the shipping of inbound/outbound orders of the customers or fulfilling the retail outlets as per requirement. What is shipping and logistics management? Shipping Logistics are […]