If you are in an E-commerce / Amazon FBA / Dropshipping business or have a retail store in Australia and want to focus on customers and sales, instead of sorting out orders and packing the items all day long then 3pl services are for you. By using the 3PL pick and pack service, you can do your core business and we will do the rest.

What is 3pl Pick and pack fulfillment service

3pl (Third-party logistics) Pick and pack is the process of selecting products from YOUR stock maintained at the 3pl warehouse and packaging them for shipment. It helps you get your products into the hands of customers without your involvement.

It enables sellers to outsource their order fulfilment process to a third party such as CSG3PL. It provides a fully integrated and affordable inventory management system by automating order fulfilment.

When an order is placed on your website, it is forwarded to the 3pl drop shipping facility and then starts the order fulfilment process. Pick & pack is a part of the overall order fulfilment process. This fulfilment process begins with the software making a packing list of the items in your order. Then each & every item is picked & packed out of your stock as per the quantities mentioned in the packing list.

In this process, pickers gather goods from a warehouse or storage facility and pack them into appropriate boxes or bags. It is also called sortation. After that, packaging materials are added along with appropriate documentation before the package is labelled and shipped to the end customer.

How to start with the 3PL fulfilment service

As you are now aware Pick & pack is a part of the overall order fulfilment process. To avail of this fulfilment method, you are required to store your products in a 3pl centre ( third-party warehouse facility). Your products can be brought to the 3pl warehouse either directly from the manufacturer or from the wholesaler.

Once your stock is placed in the warehouse, then whenever you receive an order at your connected E-commerce store, it is forwarded to the 3pl store for fulfilment. In the case of retail business, if you need stock fulfilment at your retail outlets, it is immediately fulfilled just by sending the requirements by the software.

Order fulfilment process steps:

Pick: The picking process is the action of locating the right product and in the right quantity to be packed. This is an important step because you need to ensure that you are not filling the wrong product or different items.

Pack: This process is carried out in a packing station where the dedicated packing team packs the items in a secured, sealed box or any other packaging according to the need. It is then labelled for shipping.

Ship: Pick and pack process completes with the final stage – shipping. The sorted orders are then loaded to the shipping dock from where the carriers take those shipments to their destinations.

Benefits of 3pl pick and pack fulfilment

This fulfilment facility makes you free from purchasing or hiring a storage facility for your stock. Further, you are free from administrative and labour headaches of running & maintaining that store on a day-to-day basis. Thus there are a lot of benefits of pick and pack fulfilment but the most important ones are:

Increases business efficiency

This allows your business to grow in size without investing in infrastructure facilities, by having a third party do your pick and pack services. A 3pl pick and pack service can do it for you more professionally, quickly, and efficiently. Thus by outsourcing this work, you can easily focus on sales, advertisement and marketing.

No hassle

A new business grows exponentially day by day, but it needs to be controlled to run a successful business. You can’t manage your sales if you don’t have the right storage space or adequate staff for your continuously changing demands. A 3pl pick and pack fulfilment service can help you out with facing all such challenges without any panic.


3PL fulfilment facilities allow businesses to choose from a range of fulfilment solutions as per their requirement. Their services include inventory storage, automatic order fulfilment, pick & pack, customized brand labelling, retail orders pick and pack, B2B order pick and pack, shipping expediting, returns handling, and others.

Who needs a 3pl pick and pack service?

These services are widely used by E-commerce companies, dropshipping companies, Amazon FBA companies, retail chain fulfilment, and many more.

How do I find a good 3pl partner?

A good 3PL partner provides Pick-and-Pack services for a variety of businesses. In addition to discussing all the issues with the potential partners directly, look into their current clients also. Since you’ll likely be outsourcing certain aspects of your business, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the types of businesses your potential partner deals in. Also, make sure they have a proven track record in customer service, security measures and quality standards.

Finally, trust should be a major factor when choosing a 3PL partner because you will entrust them with your products, packaging materials and website inventory management needs.

CSG3PL Pick And Pack services

At CSG3PL, we offer premium Australian order fulfillment services that will make your business more efficient. We ensure the goods are shipped out to B2B or B2C in a timely manner with the lowest cost for you!

We allow customers to choose a single warehouse or multiple warehouses out of our depots as per their requirements to minimise the shipping time. Further, they can provide packing details as well, like how many units should go into each box etc.

We provide you with a fully integrated and affordable inventory management system by automating order fulfilment. We provide brand identity solutions through customised brands to help you stand out in the competitive market.

We offer different 3PL Pick and Pack service rates, packaging fees, and volume discounts as per your specific requirements and package. The prices will be cheaper than your local supplier.

Pick and pack industries served by CSG3PL

Here are some of the industries to which we provide pick and pack services:

  • Vitamins & Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto Parts
  • Pet Products
  • Home Goods
  • Paper Products
  • Health Care & Hospital Equipment
  • Baby Products
  • Mattresses
  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Surf & Paddleboards
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • As Seen on TV
  • Apparel & Shoes

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