• Service #1

CSG3PL offers an answer for businesses looking to increase efficiency in their fulfillment process. With Pick n’ Pack, you’ll be able to save money on inventory by better understanding what products customers want from when they place orders. Additionally we offer a variety of services like faster shipping which will expedite your customer’s order delivery time!

  • Service #2

CSG3PL can provide Storage, Palletising and Pick and Pack services to a wide range of Australia retailers, manufacturers, and importers. Our services can be adaptable to your exact requirements, from one pallet to multiple pallets every day.

  • Service #3

We are proud to be an Amazon Fulfilment Center Select Partner. We are able to ship products all over the world to the International Amazon Fulfilment Centers. Which means when you supply your products for fulfilment via us, your products will then be shipped into one of these centers ready for dispatch.

  • Service #4

Dropshipping with us is easy. You can start your online business in minutes without any inventory! We provide all of the tools you need to get started.

  • Service #5

Dedicated Freight Forwarding Agents for your logistical needs. We are providing world class services supporting your business needs with competitive pricing.

  • Service #6

Both food and beverage companies can store and house their products in our facilities for as long as they need, so contact us to learn more.