Shipping logistics refers to the overall supply chain management to get products from the manufacturer or wholesaler to a fulfilment centre for safe keeping as stock. Further, it deals with the shipping of inbound/outbound orders of the customers or fulfilling the retail outlets as per requirement.

What is shipping and logistics management?

Shipping Logistics are becoming a hot topic, as companies remain under pressure for cost-cutting, efficiency, and to provide fast and efficient delivery. A usual question is: Are shipping and logistics the same thing and what are they all about?

Shipping is a limited and closed term that involves the physically shifting of goods from point A to point B, while logistics is a complex term which covers the entire movement of goods and the supply chain. Thus Shipping can be considered a part of the logistics operations.

On a broader view, logistics is the system used to manage the movement and flow of goods from the point of origin to the end of consumption. It deals with all the issues that arise in moving goods. Furthermore, it involves a complete supply chain management system that uses a lot of technology and tools to increase the speed of delivering products.

What are the types of shipping logistics?

To understand and plan a logistics operations, shipping logistics can be split into three categories:

1. Inbound logistics

Inbound logistics is the process that moves products from a manufacturer or wholesaler to a 3PL warehouse or fulfilment centre. The 3pls’ have a solid inbound logistics network. In the case of manufacturing, it also includes supply chain operations up to the creation of the finished product. They can transport, label, store, control and deliver the goods through their infrastructure network and the latest warehouse management software which is aligned with the goods owner’s software also.

2. Outbound logistics

Outbound logistics involves order processing, pick packing, shipping, and delivering the products to the end customer. It includes all the operations required to move the products from the fulfilment centre or 3PL warehouse to the customers.

Packing the right products in the right quantity, minimum packing and delivery time, and quality packing is like the backbone of the E-commerce and fulfilment business.

3. Reverse logistics

In online business, reverse logistics is also one of the most important aspects. Return policy in any company gives confidence to customers to buy from your shop. Good reverse logistics can even reduce costs. If customers are not happy with their product, they often return or exchange it.

Reverse logistics refers to the processes that care for customer returns and exchanges. This includes inbound and outbound processes like handling the returns, inspecting the returned merchandise, processing refunds, and shipping out a new item if it’s an exchange.

Why is a 3PL shipping logistics required?

As we have seen above that all the processes involved are quite complicated and require a lot of infrastructure, manpower, technology, and expertise to carry out all these operations.

It can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive for manufacturers, online entrepreneurs or retail chain owners to handle these processes on their own. Either these companies have to invest heavily in developing and maintaining the entire infrastructure required to carry out all these operations or they can outsource these processes and focus on their core business part.

So here comes the need for third-party logistics companies. A 3PL or logistics service provider specialises in managing and distributing goods, products, and services.

Shipping logistics with CSG3PL

CSG3PL logistics work smartly and efficiently to make you relax and focus on your real business. In short, all the hassles of inventory, shipping, and returns operations can be well managed by CSG3PL. Let’s dig deeper into some of the aspects of our 3pl logistics Melbourne warehouses:

1. Inventory handling and management

For E-commerce and retail entrepreneurs, their products are brought by 3pl infrastructure or received at the warehouse. Then they are properly marked and stored in different pallets to be used for fulfilment at the time of order.

In the case of manufacturers, this process comprises the procurement and delivery of different parts and components used to build the finished product. Then the finished products are stored in 3pl warehouses.

This may seem a simple process from the outside but it takes a lot of infrastructures like conveyors, forklifts and other instruments etc. Further, it needs the latest technology software and trained professionals. These all different resources combined together make a modern logistics solution.

2. Inventory Automation and Real-Time Tracking

We have an excellent Inventory management software fit for all types of businesses. We are dealing with big companies, mid-size companies as well as growing businesses.

Our WMS allows real-time tracking and streamlines the order management process. So you can track inventory more accurately, and manage orders more efficiently, even when they are stored in our multiple warehouses at different places.

CSG3PL uses the most advanced and modern technology to ensure that you’re constantly aware of what’s happening with your products.

3. Efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS)

When your business starts scaling, your orders and inventory start increasing. First, you need a reliable order management system to stay on top of it all. This begins with the placing of an order and ends with the delivery to the customer.

WMS connects with your E-commerce dashboard and forwards all the orders automatically to the 3pl warehouse software. This allows retailers to remotely monitor and control daily operations, thus giving complete control over their business.

CSG3PL not only has digital WMS, real-time data and order tracking but also partners with regional and major carriers to ensure the quickest and most affordable shipping right at your customer’s door.


As 3pl is a relatively new concept, some entrepreneurs might underestimate it at first but using a good 3PL logistics solution can give them a lot of spare time to focus on the real things which in turn can skyrocket their business.

So, if you are looking for a 3pl logistics solution in Australia then CSG3PL can be your best partner.

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